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Micro surveys.
Maximum quality.

Survey fatigue is real. Limiting surveys to a maximum of 7 questions at a time ensures responses are considered as well as quick. If you have more questions, that isn’t a problem, you can field more questions to the same people at any time and be confident in the quality of those responses.

Find Out Now Real-Time Survey Responses

Rapid, reliable, national polling in minutes

Live view
Watch responses roll in, in real-time in those important meetings.
Uniquely authentic responses
Our community answer micro surveys voluntarily, there’s no incentive not to tell the truth.
Seeing is believing
Visualise and segment your data for greater clarity and impact.

Sampling and recruitment

If you’ve already crafted your survey and just need to ask the right people, we can find them for you and direct them to your survey, or host it on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a specific group to recruit for an in-depth study, we can help you with that too, just get in touch, we’re confident we’ll be able to find exactly who you need.

You’re in control.

Find Out Now Market Research Custom Audience Tool

Get started in seconds

Our intuitive, end-to-end platform makes it simple to craft your survey, target your audience and keep an eye on costs.

Find Out Now Demographic Filter Tool

Finding needles in haystacks

We’ve identified hard-to-reach audiences who fit a certain criteria so you can target the precise cohort without having to ask pre screener questions.

Find Out Now Audience Segmentation and Targeting Tool

Advanced, targeted segmentation at your fingertips

Dissect your results by the usual demographics plus hundreds of additional options covering everything from voting, shopping, readership and travel habits and lots more in-between.

Seeing is believing

Along with all the segmentation reporting you would expect, we can visualise and map your data for greater clarity and impact.

Longitudinal studies

We are uniquely placed to deliver longitudinal studies with an industry-smashing monthly recompletion rate of 90%.

Heat maps

Spot regional differences with heat map visualisations. Find out where it’s hot and where it’s not.

Natural language processing

We can provide sentiment analysis and word clouds that visualise and map free text responses. Have your finger on the pulse of the nation and find out how people really feel.

It works!

Up to 1,000 responses in as little as 4 minutes

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