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Real people. Trusted feedback

Over 65% of our exclusive network of 2.5 million trusted UK consumers don’t belong to any other panels.

Authentic, engaged, great value and huge!

Our vast community can yield 2,000 responses in just 10 minutes. Responses can be sorted and filtered through a multitude of behavioural and demographic data points ensuring high quality, relevant insight.

Respondents answer short micro-surveys voluntarily meaning you get a quick, efficient and respondent fatigue-free service for a fraction of the normal price.

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What matters most

A lighter touch

A simple, more intuitive, end-to-end platform.

Faster responses

So decisions can be made and implemented quickly.

Quality data

Providing greater confidence supporting insights.

Better value

Leaving more budget for other important stuff.

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Simple, nimble, innovative

Find Out Now Market Research Custom Audience Tool

You’re in control. Get started in seconds

Our intuitive, end-to-end platform makes it simple to craft your survey, target your audience and keep an eye on costs.

Find Out Now Real-Time Survey Responses

Real-time results in minutes

Watch your answers roll in rapidly and jostle for position in real-time. Do it live, in a meeting, or for a presentation. It’s like watching your takeaway or taxi journey on your phone.

Find Out Now Audience Segmentation and Targeting Tool

Advanced, targeted segmentation at your fingertips

Dissect your results by the usual demographics plus hundreds of additional options covering everything from voting, shopping, readership and travel habits and lots more in-between.

Ask, test, validate, find out.

Brand perception & tracking

Know your customers inside out. Measure awareness, trust and reputation.

Competitor analysis

Competition is fierce. Gain competitive intel and stay one step ahead.

Consumer profiling

Understand your customer in minutes with precise targeting and segmentation.

Product development

Be ready for market faster. Innovate and validate your assumptions at speed.

Concept testing

Accelerate feedback. Take away the guesswork by testing and validating assumptions early.

Real-time public reaction

Get Twitter style, immediate reactions with our always-on panel.

These folks found out…

“Chris and the team at FindOutNow were an absolute joy to work with.

They helped me run a major national study into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, recruiting a really well-stratified sample of over 30,000 people in just 72 hours. We got responses to our emails within minutes. What's more, they really engaged with the project and seemed to care about our research and its impact. I can't recommend them highly enough and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

— Dr. Daisy Fancourt

Associate Professor of Psychobiology & Epidemiology at UCL

“In seconds 1,000s of answers were streaming before my eyes. I couldn’t quite believe it - incredible service that I will be using again and recommending often.”

— Dave Fletcher

Co-founder, White October Events

“Easy and intuitive to set up - fast results.

A fantastic tool for getting a pulse survey on your chosen topic. Responses are live-streamed which is fun to watch. The survey set-up is very simple and quick. Being able to segment the results is not only incredibly easy but also useful for diving into data. Much slicker than using more traditional online tools and spending hours with spreadsheets. It's brilliant!”

— Sue Campbell

Founder, KIND2

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