How To Use Find Out Now For Market Research & Consumer Insights

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Accuracy through authenticity

Our community aren’t paid professional survey responders, they’re a two million strong audience of real people voluntarily and habitually answering one simple multiple choice question a day.

Find Out Now Bespoke Audience Panel Profiling

Choose your audience

Ask our community as a whole, choose from our special audience list, or define one of your own. Once you have your audience, create your question along with some multiple choice answers and you’re good to go!

Find Out Now Ask The Panel A Research Question

Ask our community

Once your question has been approved, it will be presented to our 2 million strong community where they will voluntarily respond with their answer.

Find Out Now Real-Time Survey Responses

Watch your responses roll in, in real-time

We’ll send you a link so you see each response as they rapidly roll in. At peak times you can get as many as 10,000 answers an hour.

Find Out Now Market Research Data Analysis

Download and analyse your data

Segment your results by overlaying existing location, gender, age range, behaviour and preference data to spot skews and patterns.

Rinse repeat!

What do you want to find out?

Authentic answers from the UK’s biggest free daily competition site’s huge and highly engaged community volunteer their answers every day because they enjoy giving their opinions and supporting the website. Having so many repeat responders allows us to compare responses between questions, discover interesting patterns, intriguing anomalies, and trends over time.
Respondents are real people voluntarily and habitually answering one simple multiple choice question a day, not “career responders” working through lengthy surveys for financial reward. Declining is even easier than responding, so there is no reason to give a false response.
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2M UK members

230K Daily unique visitors

24M Monthly page views

62% Email open rate

Community demographics

The community is vast and inclusive of all walks of life. This abundance of respondents allows skews to be ironed out by audience segmentation and statistical techniques such as weighting and scrubbing over-represented demographics.

  • F 68%
  • M 32%

18 - 34


35 - 44


45 - 54


55 - 64




Questions we’ve been asked
Can I segment my results?

Yes, we offer gender and age range as standard as well as specifically tailored segmentation, such as supermarket preferences or favourite pizza topping. Nuanced insight can be really useful in identifying consumer habits and trends.

Can I trust the responses?

Responses are sourced instantly through surveys taken from a constantly growing pool of over 2.2 million UK residents. Responses are not incentivised and therefore far more trustworthy than those given by professional survey respondents or panels who are usually biased, predisposed to answer in a particular way or offered a financial reward for their participation.

Can I ask follow-on questions to certain respondents?

Yes, we can always create follow-up questions for further targeting. We can source large or small sample sizes, which can then be expanded or contracted depending on your preferences. We average a pool 65,000 in under 24 hours for each customer.