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52% Support for Independence in Scotland

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

23rd Jan, 2023 | 3 mins read

Our Independence Referendum poll for The National newspaper, with election experts Electoral Calculus, shows an increasing appetite for Independence in Scotland. When adjusted for turnout, a majority of 52% are in favour. We asked a representative sample of 1,094 Scottish voters:

If there were a legally binding referendum tomorrow with the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”, how would you vote?


If there were a legally binding referendum on Scottish independence tomorrow, how likely would you be to vote? Please answer on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is definitely won’t vote and 10 is definitely will vote.

Adjusting for turnout, the results were:

I don’t know3

In their article, The National chose to disregard the “I don’t know” responses and increase the Yes/No figures to:


Full tables can be downloaded here

About the survey

Find Out Now interviewed 2,912 Scottish adults online from the 11th to 18th of January 2023. The sample was adjusted to a nationally representative sample of 1,094 within 1% +/- ONS quotas for gender, age, Scottish region, SEG, and past voting.

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