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Our panel is the real deal. Real people, real feedback.

Over 65% of our community don’t belong to any other survey panels.

Traditional providers can’t reach most of our trusted members. They just don’t belong to any other survey panels. That way, we avoid ‘career respondents’ who typically take part in multiple surveys. We think this makes them unrepresentative of the general population.

Access one of the UK’s largest and most engaged daily communities.

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Find Out Now Consumer Insight Audience Acquisiton Pick My Postcode is an acclaimed free-to-enter daily draw website that has attracted a broad demographic of 2.5 million loyal and highly engaged members, largely through word of mouth. On average, attracts over 250,000 unique visits every single day.

Our trusted community naturally react to short one to three question micro-surveys voluntarily. They check in every day to see if they've won a prize. It's so easy. They answer questions for free because we make it simple.

2,000 responses in under 10 minutes from a universe of 2.5 million UK consumers

You decide who and when. You're in control.

Find needles in haystacks
Target hard-to-reach audiences with niche profile points.
Ready-made audiences
Do away with screener questions and ask one our our ready-to-go, specialist panels.
Re-target your audience
Ask follow-up questions and continue the conversation with the same audience, whenever you need to.
Seeing is believing
Have your data visualised for greater clarity and impact.

The rule of three


Our respondents answer questions for free, so we are already more cost effective than any other panel.

Quality controlled

Bad responders are quickly detected and their data removed from the results.

Lightning fast

Respondents are already there. Ask a question and start getting answers in minutes.

Target your audience with forensic precision

Find Out Now Market Research Custom Audience Tool

DIY with our intuitive self-service platform

Target your consumer using our extensive built-in demographics filtering so you can be sure you’re asking the right people.

Find Out Now Demographic Filter Tool

Find needles in haystacks

We’ve identified hard-to-reach audiences who fit a certain criteria so you can target the precise cohort without having to ask pre screener questions.

Find Out Now Audience Segmentation and Targeting Tool

Advanced, targeted segmentation at your fingertips

Dissect your results by the usual demographics plus hundreds of additional options covering everything from voting, shopping, readership and travel habits and lots more in-between.

Up to 1,000 responses in as little as 4 minutes

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