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Understanding the retail investor boom with Boscobel & Partners

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

27th Jan, 2021 | 2 mins read

Britain is in the midst of a retail investor boom. Stock markets are soaring.

First time investors are taking to equities, perhaps like never before. Wealth managers and investment platforms have seen account openings and assets under management leap during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Find Out Now, in conjunction with Boscobel & Partners, set out to understand who these new investors are and published a report available to download here.

Some key findings

  • New investors 10 years younger than established investors on average
  • Investors are concentrated in London
  • New investors high propensity to be participating in other gambling activities
  • New investors twice as likely to be furloughed than established investors
  • New investors like to get investment ideas from social media and friends & family
  • New investors see investing as a hobby to enjoy, and like to gamble and take a risk
  • Evident lack of knowledge in investing in the UK