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Representative Scotland polling for The National

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

30th Jan, 2023 | 4 mins read

In a series of nationally representative polling for The National newspaper between the 21st and 25th of January, we uncover a number of growing anti-UK sentiment, from majority support for using the Saltire over the Union Jack on produce, to stripping Prince Andrew of his Inverness title.

Who do you hold most / least responsible for the current NHS crisis?

The Westminster Conservative government56%4%
The Scottish SNP government16%10%
External factors (eg. Covid-19, Brexit)10%5%
NHS Management9%5%
NHS Frontline staff1%66%
Don’t know4%7%
Prefer not to say4%4%

Full tables here: Most / Least

Article on The National website

To what extent do you think the BBC has reported accurately on the impacts of Brexit on Scotland?

Very much3%
Not very much30%
Not at all23%
Don’t know25%
Prefer not to say4%

Full tables here

Article on The National website

Do you prefer to see the Scottish Saltire or the Union Jack on Scottish produce?

Scottish Saltire71%
Union Jack12%
Don’t know12%
Prefer not to say5%

Full tables here

Article on The National website

Prince Andrew is the Earl of Inverness. Should he be stripped of his title?

Don’t know16%
Prefer not to say4%

Full tables here

Article on The National website

About the survey

Find Out Now interviewed 2,912 Scottish adults online from the 11th to 18th of January 2023. The sample was adjusted to a nationally representative sample of 1,094 within 1% +/- ONS quotas for gender, age, Scottish region, SEG, and past voting.

Find Out Now are members of the British Polling Council and the Market Research Society and abide by their rules.