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Plastics in the Bin: Everyday Plastic and the need to cut down

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

29th Aug, 2023 | 5 mins read

Find Out Now is not all politics and business; we also do our bit to help charities by getting the data they need to thrive. 

Everyday Plastic, an enterprise which campaigns and educates on plastic reduction, asked the team at Find Out Now to conduct a nationally representative survey to determine people’s attitudes towards disposable plastics. The poll consisted of 2,019 adult Britons asked if they were trying to cut back on plastics use.

Is trying to live with less plastic important to you?


Respondents who answered “Yes” were then asked:

Do you do/use any of the following regularly? (Please select all that apply). 

Use a reusable water bottle Buy loose fruit & vegetables Use a reusable coffee cup Use reusable bags Use bars of soap Buy milk in glass bottles Buy products in bulk to avoid excess packaging None of the above 
76.2%73.5%42.7%89.3%47.4%7.8%40.9% 1.8%

What’s the one biggest factor that would motivate you to live with less plastic? 

For health reasons To reduce my impact on the environment To set a good example to family and friends To save money To avoid pre-packaged portions and be able to choose my own quantity None of the above 

Key Points

  • 70% express an eagerness to minimise their plastic usage, with 94% citing climate change as their motivation. Suggests that people across Britain are actively trying to reduce their impact on the physical environment. 
  • Convenience and availability of resources to reduce plastic is essential, with 89% of respondents saying that they regularly use reusable bags which are provided by supermarkets. 
  • The focus of stakeholders, whether in industry or government, to emphasis on convenience to consumers is vital for success.

The Founder and Director of Everyday Plastic told us:

“We’ve been working with Find Out Now throughout 2023 to help us discover how the British public perceive the various complexities of the plastic problem. It’s been fascinating and important for us to recognise what understanding or knowledge the population has around specific issues such as fruit & veg packaging or supermarket soft plastic recycling. Some polls have affirmed our assumptions, whilst other have challenged them. Whatever the outcome of the poll, the results are vital in building campaigns and informing communications. Find Out Now’s technology blows me away every time – I’m consistently amazed at how quickly the results are generated as well as the intricacy of the demographic data.”

Daniel Webb, Founder and Director of Everyday Plastic

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Photo provided by Everyday Plastics