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Phillip Schofield Survey for The Sun

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

30th May, 2023 | 7 mins read

The Sun newspaper featured a number of our surveys in their article on the Phillip Schofield / This Morning affair on Sunday the 28th of May. The first was a nationally representative survey of 8,203 British adults on Thursday 25th of June.

The sample contained 2,397 current viewers of This Morning, who were asked:

Q1. Are you more or less likely to watch ITV’s This Morning without Phillip Schofield presenting?

I will watch it more: 16%
No change: 75%
I will watch it less: 9%

Nearly twice as many viewers say they’ll watch it more Vs. those who say they’ll watch it less.
In addition, 10% of those who don’t currently watch, said they might start now Schofield has gone.
More men (19%) than women (14%) say they’ll watch it more now.
Only 7% it North East say they’ll watch it more (12% say Less), Vs. 20% in West Mids (6% say Less)

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Q2. Who do you think is a better TV presenter?

Phillip Schofield: 14%
Holly Willoughby: 34%
Not sure: 51%

That’s 29% to Schofield and 69% to Willoughby when “Not sure” is stripped out.

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Q3. Do you think ITV should have kept Phillip Schofield rather than Holly Willoughby?

Yes: 10%
No: 45%
Not sure: 44%

Only 10% think Holly should have gone instead (18% with Not sure stripped out).
19% in the North East favoured Phillip over Holly, compared to just 7% in the Midlands

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Q4. Should ITV scrap This Morning altogether now?

Yes: 29%
No: 71%

Nearly a third (29%) of This Morning viewers think it should be scrapped
Over a third of men (35%), Vs. 24% of Women
38% of over 64s Vs. 22% of 25-34s

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Q5. Eamonn Holmes said Phillip Schofield was sacked by ITV. Do you believe he was?

Yes: 44%
No: 12%
Not sure: 44%

44% of viewers believe he was sacked. Only 12% don’t

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Q6. Do you think Phillip Schofield has been badly treated by ITV?

Yes: 22%
No: 36%
Not sure: 42%

Only 22% believe ITV mistreated Schofield (38% with Not sure stripped out)
Older people are much more sympathetic with Schofield. 29% of Over 64s Vs. 13% of 18-24s

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In a separate survey running from Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th of June, a nationally representative sample of 1,854 This Morning viewers were asked:

Q7.  Who do you think should replace Phillip Schofield as co-presenter on ITV’s This Morning?

Alison Hammond: 32%
Dermot O’Leary: 28%
Rylan Clark: 27%
Rochelle Humes: 6%
Other: 6%

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A third survey conducted on Saturday the 27th, after his announcement about his relationship with a much younger man on the show, asked a nationally representative sample of 2,093 GB adults:

Q8. How has your view of Phillip Schofield changed since his announcement yesterday evening that he had been having a relationship with a much younger man who worked on This Morning?

Much more negative: 26.5%
Somewhat more negative: 17.1%
No change: 54.9%
Somewhat more positive: 0.6%
Much more positive: 0.9%

Full results

Q9. Do you think he could ever appear on TV again?

Yes: 30.5%
No: 39.1%
Not sure: 30.4%

Full results

About the surveys

The three surveys were all adjusted to be representative using quotas for gender, age range, region and social-economic group within +/-1% of ONS quotas. Please see more information about our methodologies here.

the sun article about phillip schofield leaving this morning with survey results from find out now

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