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Most in England think lockdown is being lifted too early

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

3rd Jun, 2020 | 3 mins read

In late May a string of relaxations on the lockdown in England were announced which, following the continuing coverage of the Dominic Cummings affair, lead some to question the Government’s motives.

On the last weekend of May we asked over 100,000 residents of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whether they thought their country’s lockdown was being lifted too quickly.

England: Yes: 66.65%, No: 21.96%, Decline to answer: 11.39%.  See results for England

Scotland: Yes: 34.82%, No: 54.47%, Decline to answer: 10.72%.  See results for Scotland

Wales: Yes: 38.44%, No: 51.93%, Decline to answer: 9.63%.  See results for Wales

Northern Ireland: Yes: 48.62%, No: 42.53%, Decline to answer: 8.84%.  See results for Northern Ireland

The contrast between England’s feelings and others’ is sharper when “Decline to answer” figures are disregarded:

The poll was conducted on Pick My Postcode between 8:20am on Saturday May 30th until 9.11am on Sunday May 31st. Results are not yet adjusted or weighted for demographic quotas, however we are reporting them because they are broadly consistent across age, gender, region (in England), social-economic group and voting behaviour. Results per demographic group are available using the links above.

Exceptions were all seen in Northern Ireland, where 18-24s, AB Social groups and Conservative voters leaned towards “No” in contrast to the other groups who all leaned to “Yes”.