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Matter of Trust: How Do the Conservatives and Labour Compare?

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

12th Oct, 2023 | 5 mins read

Following the conclusion of both the 2023 Tory and Labour Conferences, how does the electorate respond to the proposals set forth by both parties? Find Out Now conducted a nationally representative poll of 1,009 GB adults, aiming to discern the public’s trust in managing a spectrum of policy issues.

Key Points

  • Labour leads on all issues, notably with a 24% net lead on the NHS.
  • Those 65+ favour Tories (except on the NHS), while 18-24s overwhelmingly trust Labour.
  • AB socio-economic grades trusts Labour the most, while DE, though favouring Labour (except on defence), show less trust than AB.
Who do you trust the most to manage...
The cost-of-living crisis: Labour (31%), Neither (36%), Conservatives (13%), I don't know (20%). Getting inflation under control: Labour (24%), Neither (37%), Conservitives (17%), I don't know (23%). The NHS: Labour (34%%), Neither (35%%), Conservitives (10%), I don't know (21%). Immigration: Labour (24%), Neither (39%), Conservitives (14%), I don't know (23%). Law and order: Labour (24%), Neither (37%), Conservitives (15%), I don't know (24%). Defence: Labour (21%), Neither (34%), Conservitives (20%), I don't know (25%). Foreign policy: Labour (24%), Neither (34%), Conservitives (17%), I don't know (26%). The housing Crisis: Labour (31%), Neither (37%), Conservitives (10%), I don't know (22%). Relations with the EU: Labour (28%), Neither (35%), Conservitives (13%), I don't know (24%).

Key analysis


Across our sample, Labour outperformed the Tories on every issue. The most significant margin was on who can be trusted to manage the NHS, where Labour boasted a 24% lead over the Conservatives. The narrowest lead for Labour was in the domain of defence, with only a 1% advantage. The slim margin on defence is indicative of the collaborative approach endorsed by Keir Starmer, aiming for unity with the Conservatives in security matters. This strategy diminishes the perceived difference between the two parties on this particular issue, contributing to the minimal lead for Labour.


Those aged 18-24 exhibited more trust in Labour, while those aged 65 and above leaned towards the Conservatives. Notably, the only issue where the 65+ age group trusted Labour more was the NHS, with a marginal 2% lead. The starkest contrast between the younger and older age groups emerged in perceptions of the cost-of-living crisis. Labour held a substantial net lead of 31% among 18-24 year-olds, while the Tories led by 13% among those aged 65 and above on the issue.

Socio-Economic Group

Within socio-economic grades, those in DE categories were more inclined to trust the Tories than the national average, although Labour still led on all issues except defence (6% net lead for the Tories). On the critical matter of the cost-of-living crisis, Labour secured a 10% lead over the Tories among DE grades. Trust for Labour was even higher among those in AB grades, where Labour held a commanding 27% net lead over the Conservatives concerning the cost-of-living crisis. 

About The Survey

Find Out Now interviewed 1,808 GB adults on 2023-10-10, and produced a sample of 1,009 respondents which is nationally representative by: Gender, Age, Social Class, Region, Brexit Vote, and 2019 General Election.

Find Out Now are members of the British Polling Council and Market Research Society Company Partners, and abide by their rules.

Full Results

Who do you trust the most to manage…

The cost-of-living-crisis

Getting inflation under control



Law and order


Foreign policy

The housing crisis

Relations with the EU

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