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Consumer insight: choosing the right research tool.

Chris Holbrook Find Out Now Market Research

Chris Holbrook

3rd Sep, 2019 | 4 mins read

With a plethora of market research companies out there, the ability to differentiate meaningful and reliable insight from the swaths of data available can be tricky. We’ve all heard of global players such as Nielsen or McKenzie leading the charge, at least in terms of revenue, with a combined annual turnover of well over £10 billion. However, the UK alone has hundreds of research companies offering a mixture of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

So where do you start? What method of Market research is best? And how fast can you get consumer data?

Picking the right market research tool, platform or company depends on your business needs. Consumer insight is often the driving force behind business strategy and in an age of one-click buying and rapid information share, the need to stay ahead of the pack is vital. However, reacting to the market and tailoring a strategy has become increasingly challenging.

That’s why we’re here.

The fact is, businesses want insight and they want it fast – without sacrificing quality. In a world where information-share is so prevalent and consumers are increasingly fluid in where they buy or retain their eyes, the need to be both proactive and reactive is paramount.

With a daily pool of 250,000 users using pickmypostcode, we’re able to get real-time responses full of genuine feelings and opinions on everything from the taste of marmite to how the UK should divorce the EU.

The Find Out Now platform is incredibly accurate and thanks to in-depth segmentation and a growing relationship with our users, we’re able to tap into a large pool of respondents within minutes. It’s market research that stems from a growing community of people who are happy to share and respond to either one or a set of survey questions each day.

But these aren’t just random people. We’ve grown to understand this community and tailor our surveys or simple, one-off questions to the right people.

Traditional research companies can be expensive and provide respondents with a cheap incentive who, in turn, tend to be people that are biased or too accustomed to market research. Our respondents are providing answers in realtime. Our service can garner up to 10,000 responses in an hour and we can tailor questions to certain demographics with ease.

So how fast can we get consumer insight?

Findoutnow.co.uk can get over 80,000 genuine, individual responses within 24 hours.

For example, we asked the public about the recent fires that devastated the Notre Dame Cathedral, as “Do you think it should or should not be rebuilt?” – it garnered 83,092 responses within 24 hours. From this, we found that 73% (64,303) thought “It should be rebuilt, as close as possible to how it was”.

The fact is, we’re not like other data research companies. We’re fast, affordable and accurate, and we’re in touch with consumers. Topical discussion points, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral reflects insight delivered by real people, in real-time. We’re a ‘Consumer Insight Platform’ that are engaged with a community built on trust and assurance that their information remains anonymous.

It’s market research made easy. To find out more about our intuitive new platform, simply get in touch with us here.